Faster Booking - Skip the Line

Faster Booking - Skip the Line

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Skip the Line - Emergency Session

45 minute live Zoom Session with video and audio
Faster booking to see me in the next 7 days


  • Please put in the notes what service you'd like to book
  • I rearrange my schedule and work on days off to make time for you
  • Feel free to email me after you book at
  • If I am traveling, I may not be able to accommodate. I always have any travel posted at the top of my page

There is a 15% charge to no shows and I will wait a max time of 10 minutes before auto-cancelling because my sessions run back-to-back. Thank you for understanding.
Pease reach out 24 hours prior if you need to reschedule.

      *I am not a healthcare professional. This session does not replace any medical advice or treatment you are receiving