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Thank you to everyone who has sent me a testimonial after our session!

Galactic Akashic Records

"The akashic galactic Zoom reading I got from Moni Ouk was beyond my expectations . the beautiful structure on how he accessed my akashic records was amazing . we went from questions, to hearing messages from my guides to healing from the angels, much needed healing. But what really stands out in his work is how authentic, pure, intuitive and honest. I was able to have a breakthrough in my session, i felt seen, heard. I felt as if Moni held my hand throughout the reading. we shared great energy while also learning about my galactic records, the information was much needed. I recommend Monis work because his energy is honest , loving and authentic. So if you are ready and interested to learning more about your galactic akashic records , contact Moni ! ⭐️ ✨ 💙 🦁" -Mark


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"My reading with Moni was very eye opening. I felt very comfortable talking to him. He confirmed a lot of the things I had been feeling and even described one of the spirits I have seen around me. He gave me very good advice on where in my life I need healing. I’m looking forward to speaking with him again and hope he will teach some classes soon." -Mia



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Past Life Healing & Karmic Clearing


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"I had a past life/karmic clearing session in June. The main issue I wanted to focus on was not being able to connect with other people--I'd been single for almost 8 years and I felt like I had this cloud over me that prevented me from meeting/connecting with the right people. During the session, we discovered that I'd had several past lives during which I was forced to marry against my will. Also, in one during Medieval times in England I left society to live alone in the forest and in another I was trapped in a basement where I experienced torture and abuse. We also discovered that I had a soul contract to give me space so that I wouldn't experience these negative situations again but what ended up happening is that it was too much space and I was becoming very lonely and isolated in my present life. We re-worked the contract so that it included a clause where people who were good for me were able to find me. I felt my heart chakra opening and healing during the session and it felt so much lighter and clearer. I could literally feel my energy beaming up which I'd never experienced before. 


Immediately after the session, I noticed that a lesion had developed right over my heart (this always happens when my chakras are releasing past trauma). That night, I went to a meditation class and when I walked in, the instructor asked me to sit in the middle of a heart-healing circle (I didn't even know this event was occuring that night so it was very serendipitous that I was chosen--the instructor said that he had a vision of me sitting in the circle on his drive in and he knew it was important for me to be in the center that night). 


The very next day...after 8 years of being single and never having had a healthy relationship...I met the guy I've been dating ever since. Even though it's still early, it's the first time in this life (and by the sounds of it, many, many past lives) that I've had a relationship that is founded on trust, equality, and respect. I also have made a lot of other friends and I immediately noticed after the session that people are much more receptive and open to me. Before, it was like I had on an invisibility cloak where people never noticed me. Now I feel like I'm a participant in life instead of just an observer. 


It was definitely a very powerful session and even though it was hard to remember some of my more traumatic past lives, the results were instant in my case and my life has improved dramatically because of it. 


Thanks again for your help and I look forward to working again with you in the future!"   -Kelley


Deity Integration


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Relationship Healing

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"First things first moni is an truly gifted in his own way. The experience I’ve had during my relationship healing session was extraordinary, authentic and I came into this with an open mind and heart. If you are looking for someone to work with I highly recommend moni. Don’t be afraid to check out all his social media platforms as I did to see if this someone I wanted to work with and I’m glad I made the right decision" - Edgar  t.

"Thank you! My relationship with my mom has been a lot better lately. It didn’t start till the morning after the session and has been that way since. We usually don’t have a streak past 3 days before we argue again. She doesn’t have that jolting energy anymore and I have been going downstairs more. She cooked my favorite meal of all time, my grandma’s recipe and she never cooks for me. My mom learned the recipe 10 years ago and this is the 2nd time she has ever cooked this for me. It helped me to understand why she is the way she is. She has a lot of pain and trauma. I'm not completely comfortable yet facing her with open arms. But eventually we'll get there and maybe my open heart can heal her or give her what she's been missing." -Nancie

Metatron Healing Session


“Father time has not been kind to me. I've been experiencing really painful tendonitis in both elbows for many months. I also have an issue with my left foot that comes and goes. On good days it will get very sore. On not so good days, I can't even walk on it. I also suffer from arthritis-like pains in many joints throughout my body. Pain meds and ointments only masks the pain and at best makes it tolerable. Compression sleeves and wraps only helped with pain management.

After one Metatron healing session, I felt the pain start to dissipate. I was told it would take a few weeks for the process to complete and fully integrate, but after a few days, I have noticed a significant difference in how my body feels. It was a great experience and the results so far have been positive. Moni is an impressive and genuine individual. He has a calming presence and made me feel welcome. I will definitely be trying other sessions in the near future.” - Sophanny