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My Story

Cosmic Soul Family!

My name is Moni, pronounced muh-nee and is Sanskrit for sage.

I specialize in:

  • Cosmic & Galactic Akashic Records
  • Cosmic Channeling
  • Violet Flame of Transmutation
  • Metatron Healing
  • Light Language
  • Crystal Healing
  • Astral Projection
  • Deity Work
  • Journeying and Portal Work

My life's purpose is to heal and expand. I'm here to master energy and help people awaken to their true power. I am trained in many modalities, but I also learn from from aliens, deities, angels, and the earth. I'm currently developing new energy healing modalities through channeling and alchemy.

Cosmic & Galactic Akasha:

  • I've trained under 3 teachers and absorbed the best of what I learned
  • Each time I access the records, I'm allowed to go deeper and see more
  • I've been able to see people from different universes and realms

Cosmic Channeling:

  • I have the ability to call in energy from throughout the universe
  • This allows me to anchor in the energy of Lyra or another galaxy into my being to integrate with my clients
  • Channeling delivers codes and messages as well

Violet Flame and the Rays:

  • I am attuned to the Violet Flame and currently working on anchoring all the rays
  • A deep connection to Metatron, St. Germain, and Lady Portia allows me to utilize this energy to help transmute all energy, even curses

Metatron Healing:

  • What started as a powerful healing has evolved into an incredible relationship and one of the most profound and powerful healings that I am privileged to give
  • This healing is now done in the cosmos and I have access to portals in your body, which holds your soul essence
  • I am working on expanding this to include additional Archangels: Raphael, Michael, and others

Light Language:

  • I am an activator and can help you unlock your soul language, which carries powerful frequency and vibrational healing
  • I'm focused on learning as many dialects as I can at the moment, but my main soul language is an ancient form of Dragon, Lemurian, Lyran, and Andromedan
  • Light Language also helps you connect to your spirit team on a different level

Crystal Healing:

  • My office is covered in crystals and this was my start into energy healing
  • I worked on people with sexual trauma and depression and had amazing results that encouraged me to dive deeper into energy healing
  • This is a service I only offer in person, but I do have grids available that you can purchase

Astral Projection:

  • Astral Projection was a major focus for me. I studied under William Buhlman who is an author and works with the Monroe Institute
  • I spent 1.5 years studying and practicing before my first projection and can offer a lot of tips

Deity Work:

  • I never wanted to work with deities and now I feel like that's all I talk about
  • They have provided me with so much growth and expansion and now I couldn't imagine a life without them
  • I am not a witch and so my relationship with deities looks a little different and doesn't involve worship. I treat them the way that you would treat a mentor or a friend in real life. Everything is an energy exchange.


Growing up, I always searched for what's hidden beyond plain sight. When I was 7, I imagined traveling to different dimensions. I remember genuinely believing I was adopted because my home and my parents never felt like they truly belonged to me.

When I was 14, I played with a Ouija board and a host of dark spirits began haunting me. I was terrified and a shell of myself for months, but grew accustomed to their presence. I finally built enough courage and yelled at the top of my lungs for the spirits to leave for good. That night, the hauntings stopped, and with it, my spiritual connection.

Throughout my life, I saw my grandfather enchant red cloths with ancient Khmer symbols and cast spells to quell storms. He showed me magic was real and how I could harness it with the power of intention.

I went on to have a successful academic career and landed in the corporate world. In my twenties I went through the toughest struggle in my life. I've never felt more alone and broken. At that time, an entity started waking me up at 3:33 AM every morning. In those moments, I felt safe, loved and protected. My guides and angels were calling to me and this was the beginning of my re-awakening.

In 2020, I finally let go of all fear and completely unlocked the power of my heart through energy healing and meditation. I want others to experience what it truly feels like to release trauma and be free again.

I’ve learned that every piece of my journey played a role in creating my current reality. The little boy, at age 7 was just a baby Starseed missing his home. The hauntings taught me to be truly unafraid of darkness and stand in my power.

Sending you love,